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Barents Road Youth Creative Alliance

Overall objective of the project

Increase sustainability of the northern municipalities along the Barents Road Young North people through improving opportunities for young entrepreneurship and creating r living conditions. We must make rural areas attractive for our young people.

Owner of the project/ Lead partner in Sweden:

Luleå kommun / "Barents Road "International Organization;

Partner in Norway: Bodö kommun, Saltdal kommun;

Partner in Finland: Tervola/Salla / Kemi kommuns; 

Partner in Russia: Kandalaksha Regional municipality, Kandalaksha Youth Creativity municipal centre (located at Zelenoborsky), Secondary Kandalaksha municipal school, Kirovsk municipal Centre for tourism and business development.

  Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To increase and foster Youth entrepreneurship cooperation between local municipalities, youth and entrepreneurs along the Barents Road:

    • arranging four "Barents Youth Creativity Weeks/BYCW" in each country-partner every year;

    • providing sustainable youth competence education especially on the Russian side; 

    • establishment of Youth Entrepreneurship Competence center in Kandalaksha municipality in cooperation with local municipal educational organizations. And development of existing Kirovsk municipal Centre for tourism and business development;

    • knowledge exchange on how to encourage youth entrepreneurship in northern communities, teachers & students exchange;

  • To establish a reliable and continuously functioning Youth entrepreneurship network together with local business sectors along the Barents Road;

  • To promote awareness, creativeness, networking, cooperation and other competences of youngsters regarding Youth entrepreneurship;

  • Help young people to market their own municipalities from the enterpreneurship and business perspective.

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