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Barents Road International Organisation presents Kirovsk.

Kirovsk is a city in Khibiny!

Kirovsk is a city in the Murmansk region, located on the shore of Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr, 212 kilometers south of the regional center, on the southern outskirts of the Khibiny mountain range -the largest on the Kola Peninsula. The city appeared thanks to the great geological discovery in the 20s of the XX century of the only world reserves of apatite ores in Russia, the development of which began in 1929 by the Apatite Trust. Simultaneously with the construction of the mine and processing plant, the city was being built and already on October 30, 1931, it received the status of a city of district subordination and the name Khibinogrsk. At the end of 1934, Khibinogorsk was renamed Kirovsk. And in 1935 it was a big city with residential buildings, schools, clubs, a cinema, a House of technology and a folk conservatory. For almost 90 years, the life of the city has been closely connected with the work of the city-forming enterprise -the Kirov branch of Apatit JSC of PhosAgro.

Kirovsk, thanks to the surrounding Khibiny, is one of the oldest ski resorts in Russia. Unlike more southern ski centers, it stands out with excellent winter snow and a long season, the opportunity to ski until the end of May. The city remains one of the most popular centers of Russia in winter sports.

And Kirovsk is a city with exceptionally interesting sights.

First of all, it is the Museum and Exhibition Center of the CF JSC "Apatit" in the very center of the city. It is easy to recognize it by the clock tower. Here you can see a collection of minerals from 850 mineral varieties of the Kola Peninsula and around the world. A local history museum dedicated to the history of the city, the region and the city-forming enterprise, located in the Kukisvumchorr microdistrict, where the first working settlement appeared in 1929.

You can visit the green oasis in the middle of winter by visiting the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden of the Avrorin Institute, the northernmost in Russia. It presents collections of plants from different countries. The kindergarten is located next to the modern health complex "Tirvas" with panoramic windows overlooking the mountains and an observation deck on the banks of the Vudyavryok River. Here you can walk, sit on a bench, listen to nature, think, absorb the amazing energy of the Khibiny.

You can feel the atmosphere of the city where tourists and locals gather in the evening after diverse events and recreation to listen to music, get acquainted, buy souvenirs, have an interesting time on the resort boulevard. This unifying territory appeared in Kirovsk in 2019. Kurortny Boulevard includes a pedestrian path with benches and recreation areas. There is also a "commercial zone" - a shopping area with the possibility of tasting food and beverages.

This year the city celebrated its 90th anniversary!

At the same time, the Arctic is also distinguished by short winter days, when the sun appears only briefly above the horizon. In mid-December, the polar night begins, during which visitors to the Khibiny can enjoy the beauty of a rare natural phenomenon-the Northern lights, and in summer the sun does not set on a Polar day.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Arctic snow kingdom at the edge of the earth - fly to Khibiny airport!

Welcome to the heart of the Kola Peninsula-Khibiny, the city of Kirovsk!

Khibiny is an affordable and comfortable tourism in the Arctic.

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