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Barents Road International Organization presents the Salten region

The Salten region is situated in the middle of Nordland county, and includes the following ten municipalities: Beiarn, Bodø, Fauske, Gildeskål, Hamarøy, Meløy, Rødøy, Saltdal, Steigen and Sørfold.

The region covers an area of 25.000 km2 and has about 85.000 inhabitants, whereof 63% (approx. 53.000) live in Bodø which is the capital of Nordland county.

Salten is placed between the coastline and fjords in the west and the high mountains in the east, which provides amazing outdoor experiences. Here you will find five national parks, the world’s strongest tidal current (Saltstraumen), and Norway’s second largest glacier (Svartisen). Tourism has an important role in the region.

The region is rich in natural resources which enables industrial and hydroelectric power production and aquaculture. Salten is an important transportation hub for the northern part of Norway with the northernmost point of the Nordlandsbanen railway, civil and commercial aviation, important sea routes and main roads going through the region. Sustainable development and the green shift are essential for the region.

The region has a vibrant and colourful cultural life, where traditions play an important role. Bodø is designated to be European Capital of Culture in 2024.

Barents Road means to us:

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