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Barents Road´s Annual Congress 2022 in Boden, Sweden

The members of Barents Road international organization from Norway, Finland and Sweden have finally met in Boden. For the first time after the pandemic.

The theme of the Barents Road Annual Meeting this year was Reunion: Build Back Better. “It is time for Barents Road to reunite after the years of pandemic and to boost our cross-border cooperation that is crucial now in the changing world we live in”, - said Barents Roads Chairman Daniel Smirat.

The Municipality of Boden has prepared a very interesting and inspiring program for the guests. It is happening a lot in Boden and in the North of Sweden when green revolution is taking place in the region. Through the investment in fossil-free green steel, there will be created a more sustainable society which will contribute to the development of the region. Boden´s Mayor Claes Nordmark made a presentation about the green revolution in Boden and in the North of Sweden.

John Kostet, Senior Adviser Regional Policy, North Sweden European Office, was also a guest-speaker at Barents Road Congress. John Kostet gave an important overview of what is happening on the EU-level. Many questions and comments from the audience followed the presentation.

Thomas Fägerman, CEO at Boden Business Park has presented for participants Gaming development education at Boden Gamecamp. Congress participants also got an opportunity to visit Boden Gamecamp and meet creative young people who learn to develop games.

The Congress program also included presentations from Mats Berg, Boden Municipal Chie Executive, about H2 Green Steel and from Nataliia Hammarberg, Barents Roads coordinator, about Barents Road International organisation, it’s mission, aim and tasks.

The participants of the Congress also had time for group work by the World Café methodology developing concrete ideas for Barents Roads activities and operations for the next year.

Congress participants have visited Rödbergsfortet, the part of Boden´s fortress, one of several major and minor forts and fortifications surrounding the city of Boden.

About Barents Road International Organisation

Barents Road International Organisation represents Municipalities and Regional actors from all countries crossed by Barents Road, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and North-West Russia (cooperation with Russia has been frozen until further notice). Barents Roads members have been working together since 1997 to increase the cooperation between the people in the Barents Road region.

Read more about Barents Road international organization here: Barents Road Organisation, Sverige, Luleå, or contact Nataliia Hammarberg

Text: Nataliia Hammarberg

Photography: Vilma Ohrankämmen, Nataliia Hammarberg

24 October 2022

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